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Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a marketing strategy which is the process of finding your targeted audience for your product or service. It comprises of whole data about the customer in order to contact them and promote your product. Lead generation can be done on internet online and search for the companies/buyers of your product.

What is a Lead?

A lead is a client who has indicated enthusiasm for your item progressed by your organization. It has all the contact data of the client.

Why is Lead Generation important?

You cannot just be dependent on your store that the customer will come directly to you, it’s your job to advance your business and search for your customer. You need to tell your customer about your presence as a supplier on specific field. This task can be done very easily by doing lead generation from internet.

How to do Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is easily done through internet. You only have to search for the buyer for your specific product or the retail business of your product. There is a search string which used for internet research and lead generation;

“Site:facebook.com” “Sugar mills” “Toronto” “@gmail.com”

Firstly, the site is where you want the data. It can be anywhere like Google, Facebook, instagram, yahoo etc. Secondly, it is the buyer which you are looking for. Thirdly, it is the location where you want the customer located. Lastly, it is the location of email. For example: (of above search string) I am a manufacturer of sugar machinery spare parts and I need the sugar mills in Toronto to buy my spare parts of sugar machinery. My site is Facebook as I can easily find the contact information over there.

Use of Lead Generation as a Freelancer?

A freelancer can earn money by providing the service of lead generation in many freelancing marketplace. They can search for the customers of the client’s business. Many freelancers are providing services of lead generation on fiverr.


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