In today’s Generation, everyone wants to earn money without doing any hard work. Everyone wishes to win cash while they are sleeping.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. It is the money of doing nothing and cash will directly be transferred into your bank account while you are sleeping.


So before we go ahead, lets discuss some about what is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a performance –based marketing in which business gives rewards to their affiliates, who promote their products and make them sell, on every sale made by them. It is a type of marketing strategy which is used to promote your products and make them sell.

In order to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, we need to become an affiliate of a business/company and promote their products. You only have to insert the link of the products of the organizations. At the point when the guest of your site purchases the item from your connection, you will be paid commissions from the organizations. 

Only one thing you have to do is to empower a connected association among purchaser and merchant and take your bonus when the deal is made.We will be rewarded for every sale we made. 

There are many companies running their affiliate programs:


There are Two ways in which you can earn money with Affiliate Marketing:

  • with website/Blog
  • with YouTube


How to earn money with Affiliate Marketing (with website/blog)?

Create a website or Blog of your niche:

Firstly, you have to create a website or blog in which you will insert affiliate links of products. I know what you are thinking that making a site is a major problem but don’t worry you can use Blogger or Word press to make your own website or blog. It is very easy and your webpage is made within a few clicks. Also you can hire a freelancer to make your website or blog from fiverr.

Once site is made, now the main problem occurs is how to choose a niche in order to attract your visitors to your site and make them engage, So that they purchase your affiliate products. A niche can be chosen only by doing an internet research of what peoples are searching. You can choose a niche which is highly demanded, and write fascinating articles on your niche. Increase traffic on your blog.



Choose Products for Affiliate Marketing:

Once your site is made and it is generating traffic, you have to create affiliate account on any affiliate program of company and register as an affiliate.

Now choose the products which you want to promote. Always choose products which are related with your website niche, for example: if your niche is about technology, insert the affiliate links of digital products like Mobile phones, Watches etc. Always Embed the HTML code of the affiliate product and insert it in your website or blog in order to display the image of product on your website.

Make Quality content for Affiliate Marketing:

Promoting affiliated products requires visitors in your site, and visitors are attracted by the quality of your content. The most of the visitors came by the search engines like: Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. So in order to make your site stand on top of the web crawlers, you need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site and the primary concern in SEO is composing quality content. It will help you in ranking top of the search bars and more visitors will come to your site. However, when the number of visitors will increase in your site, there are more chances for your affiliated products to be purchased.

How to earn money with Affiliate Marketing (with You Tube)?

You can also earn money with affiliate marketing with the help of you tube, and can advertise or promote the product in the video and can provide the product link in the description.But firstly you will need a you tube channel and a enough amount of viewers in order to promote your product. 

Reasons for being an Affiliate Marketer:

Passive Income:

Earning from business requires full consideration and 24/7 attention on the business. Whereas, earning from Affiliate Marketing is Passive, It does not require your full presence and earning is done inactively. You only have to insert affiliate links on your site and your earning is done while you are sleeping.

No Need to handle Customers:

The companies and Business mans need to introduce their products to customers and worry about customer satisfaction but in Affiliate Marketing there is no need to deal with customers, you only need to link the buyer with the seller by promoting seller’s product. The seller will deal with the customer.

Work from Home:

Affiliate Marketing is a perfect platform for those who don’t want to go to the office and want to work from home. You can gather a massive income by only promoting products by sitting on your bed in your favorite pajama.

Cost Friendly:

Affiliate Marketing does not require any type of investment or registration fees. It is free only you have to earn money from it rather than giving money.

How an Affiliate Marketer does get paid?

There are two ways in which an Affiliate Marketer gets paid:

1.     Pay per Sale:

                                   Pay per sale is a way in which an affiliate marketer gets paid. An affiliate gets paid whenever a sale is made with the affiliated link of the marketer.

2.     Pay per Click:

                                    In this way, the marketer is paid when the customer is transferred to the merchant’s website through the marketer link. In other words, marketer is paid by increasing the traffic of merchant’s site through his link.

Mostly, Pay per Sale method is used in Affiliate Marketing.



Some Top Affiliate programs:

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction):

                                                              CJ Affiliate is a 20 years old Affiliate Network in California. It has many affiliate programs like Ashford Affiliates, fiverr affiliates from which you can promote their products and can earn commission. There are many affiliate programs in CJ Affiliates and its free to join it and do affiliate marketing with CJ.

Amazon Associates:

                                      Amazon is world’s No. 1 E-Commerce store in the world. Amazon Associates is an affiliation program introduced by Amazon in which you have to promote amazon’s product from its official website and earn commission when product is sold from your link.

Ebay Partner Network:

                                          Ebay is an American multinational E-commerce corporation. Ebay partner Network is an Affiliation program by ebay in which you promote ebay products and earn commission when someone buys ebay products by your promotion.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. In Affiliate Marketing hard work is very low but outcome is very big. Everyone can do it and it is free.



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